by:Ahmad Ali / The sectarian division in Iraq

Every single generation suffers from problems but wich kind of

problem ?

It most dangerous disease wich hit our cultere called{SECTARIANSTRIFE}.

Iraq has become as vivid picture caused by government who

has been murdering his people.

A.A : sent a messege today by a FACEBOOK to

IRAQIBBC.COM explained his sad story with the shiites government.

A.A is sports man in Baghdad and the government is still chasing

him because of his doctrine.

The government millitas have arrested his family without reason,

and tortured them for long time,no body knows where they are.

But after his brother  was released with larege amount of mony,he

told his family the place where he had been toutured.

A.A said ; he is wating for his family to be released even if  not,he

will looks to come to Europe and he is ready work any think.

This is a bad story one of millions of stories,every one young in  

Iraq  thinking  to begin the journey to unknown fate.

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