• من خاف الله خافهُ كل شئ ومن لم يخف من الله خاف من كل شئ من المعروف ان لكل الاديان عقيده سواء الاسلام او المسيح او اليهود لان اساسهم هو الخوف من الله والاتفاق على قدرة كُن فيكون فهذا متفق عليه ... الا بعض الطوائف ومنها العلويه فهم يؤمنون بالخلق لا بالخالق ... وعلى الرغم والمعروف ان الدفاع عن العقيده مبنيه على اسس ايمانيه ان خُليت في نفوسنا ..سقطت العقيده واصبحت هشة..اذن : الجيش العلوي ان كان اعتقاده بعلي اكثر من الله كيف سيدافع عن مبدأ الارض والشهاده ... وما يجري في سوريا من ...See more From secret God feared him everything and did not hide from God he is afraid of everything It is known that every religious faith whether Islam or Christ or Jews because their basis is the fear of God and agreed that capacity be it be the agreed ... But some communities including the top they believe in creationism rather than the creator ... Although known to defend creed based on ideological system that khaleet in our souls.Fell creed and become fragile.Permission: top army that he believes Ali more than God how will defend land and certificate ... And what is happening in Syria of the killing and run over the bodies of citizens and rape for the Syrian people by top don't they deserve to live on the Greenland ...And not of aid they supply with them. With respect to the Shiite brothers but the full right to your allegiance but for upholding the banner of sectarian Safavid ... That I lose you worry about ... However, my comfort in my truth The revolution of all peoples and halal Haram to Syria because its Governor Alawi even not Shiite.Therefore, the Kurds for what don't they unite with the year and enough tzomlon. (
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